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You'll get an email with the download link (ignore the one on the order confirmation page).

This audio file should be downloaded directly to your computer and synced with your smart phone. This .mp4 version is best for Apple products, but probably works on other smart phones as well. Check with your phone's manufacturer to be sure! Scroll down for link to listen to a sample.

(FYI...You can import the downloaded file into your iTunes/MyAudiobooks simply by dragging it there from the download folder. Here is a link with further info on how to import the file into iTunes as an audiobook after you've downloaded it.)

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  • Book + audio version $20 (BA2016)

  • Book + audio + e-book $30 (ALL3-2016)

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Typically, digital downloads can't be downloaded directly to a mobile device because the various operating systems handle audio and video files differently. That said, you may be able to stream your audiobook from the link if you open it on your mobile device, but any loss in connection will interrupt your playback. But it will be much better if you download the file directly to a computer and then sync it to your mobile device.

Click here for instructions on syncing the file with iPhone/iPad.

Click here for instructions on syncing the file with Android.

Here is an overview on downloading that you might find useful.