Even though I’ve been a writer my whole life, my passion for writing really began after my cancer diagnosis in 2011. At that time I started a small blog for family and friends to keep them updated on my treatment and progress. Later, though, that blog turned into something else. Something meaningful. Something worthwhile.

At the urging of my blog followers I wrote and published Not All Bad Comes to Harm You: Observations of a Cancer Survivor, which — despite the title —  isn’t a book about cancer at all. Rather, is it about discovering and seeing life in a whole new way.

Readers have described my work as “inspirational,” “down to earth,” and a “prescription for living one’s life to its maximum potential.” I hope that can be said about all of my writing as I continue to pursue my passion in a way that moves and inspires others. It’s a great feeling knowing that someone gets something out of the words I string together in a sentence now and then. 


I’m working on a second book that I hope will provide some insight on where life can take us —  if only we will let it.

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