Perfect Imperfection

The egg. Perfect in form, shape, and texture. Whether holding its fragile embryo for warming under a chicken's wing, or suspending the yolk for a sunny-side-up breakfast, perfection like this demands your attention. 

There are a few other perfect things as well, like the smell of a puppy, a baby's tiny fingers, and a clownfish. There's also the sun and the wind and the Pacific Ocean. And mountains. And snow. And flakes of snow. There's that pile of leaves in your front yard, including that one perfect leaf from which you can sketch a masterpiece.

It's all in the seeing.

And yea, there are less than perfect things too. Mostly, life. But do we have the same appreciation for life's imperfections as we do for the egg? Doubtful. Instead, we grouse and complain and twist and turn and try to make things perfect anyway. When life comes at us in waves, knocking us down, we often resist perfection in the making. A broken leg here, a herniated disk there, or a kid with chicken pox. A company takeover, a divorce, and the unplanned move you were forced into when the landlord raised the rent. Life's waves come, great and small. Always relentless. And beautifully imperfect. Each moment providing opportunities to grow and learn and become more perfect versions of ourselves.

It's all in the seeing.

Posted on April 22, 2017 .