Seeing is Believing

Sometimes it takes looking at something twice to see what's really there. Know what I mean? Yesterday I went for a peaceful stroll through an old English tea garden. It was early and the dew was quite literally still on the roses, as the old song goes. I tried to temper my need to photograph every beautiful thing in sight with my parallel desire to be present in the actual moment so as not to miss anything. But today I missed something; something that I only saw quite a bit later when looking at the photographs. A picture I had taken of a rose revealed in startling resolution the droplets of dew that I was unable to see with the naked eye. Or maybe I hadn't looked closely enough even as I framed it in the viewfinder. It reminded me again how many things we miss if we don't take the time -- really take the time -- to see them. Looking vs. seeing. This goes for so many things, really. You could even say the same about listening. The art of listening is quite different from the function of hearing. They both require slowing down and paying attention (she said to herself again; a constant reminder). Yep. Got it.

Posted on September 7, 2015 .