I saw something today that I have never seen before. Out just after sunrise on an outrigger canoe off the coast of Maui, a magnificent whale suddenly made its presence known just twenty feet away from the bow of our boat and heading our way. Startled, and overjoyed, we raised our paddles into the boat and held our breath. Sure enough, the initial sighting was followed by another, accompanied by a tremendous spouting spray and a slow motion, graceful cresting of the surface as she heaved her enormous tail skyward. There aren't really words in our language to describe something so utterly mesmerizing and powerful. It was just one of those moments never to be repeated -- a canoe, the Pacific, a magnificent whale swimming just yards away with the morning rays of sun glinting off her back. 

I took a picture with my mind.

Thinking about this later, it dawned on me just how many pictures each of us take with our minds of moments that are ours alone -- moments when we experience great beauty or profound understanding that are part of our singular human experience. These moments cannot be shared or described in sufficient detail for others who were not there when it happened. 

These moments are gifts; treasures in the toolbox of our life that we take out as needed to reflect on and savor and cherish. They are precious jewels solely within our knowledge and personal existence. 

As the year draws to a close I am reminded yet again of the treasures all around us, if we will just take the time to experience them. They are each and every one unforgettable, and our minds have catalogued them all. 

This world we live in is filled with amazement. Live it. Enjoy it. Savor every moment of it.

Welcome, 2016.  Welcome.

Posted on December 31, 2015 .